Ghosttowning can be a fun family outing. Just a few things to keep in mind.
You should know something of the town or mining camp you plan to see. This knowledge will help you get the most out of your visit. Ghost Towns are in out of the way areas. Tell someone where you are going. The harder to get to the old town the better the things to see. Tell someone where you are going and for how long, there will be no cell service. When you go please be Bear Aware. Don't drink creek water. Please don't burn Grey wood it is the stuff the town is made of.

Things you may want to bring;

Photos you downloaded off the net.
Google Earth coordinates,
Off road maps,
A Gold pan and small shovel,
A metal detector or a screening box,
Food & Water,
Bug repellent,
A Camera or camcorder,
Bear spray,
Axe, machete or hatchet.
A global positioning device, GPS,
Big plastic bucket is a great all-round tool , It will hold your goodies, than use it for prospecting and have it full of water for your campfire.

Practice good Ghosttowning by picking up some garbage left by the less responsible. Do not travel on private property with out permission. Do not go in mine shafts, or old buildings that are leaning or appear unsound. Take a lot of pictures the old place will not look as good on your next visit. Our BC ghost towns were not made of stone like back east. The effect of our harsh climate means they are disintegrating right here and NOW!

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