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On a spring morning in a small English Colony on the
Pacific Coast of British North America.
It was just another Sunday on Vancouver's Island.
The good people of Victoria went to Church.
While leaving the service they saw a ship landing prospectors from San Francisco on the beach.
The none native population of the colony had Just Doubled!
In what today is British Columbia the total non native population
went from under 700 to over 30,000
the year was 1858!
From that time to today, people have come here to better their lot in life.
They built thousands of camps, towns and some Cities.
Furs, Mining, Logging, Fishing & Whaling all these industries and more built our communities.
Folks called these places Home, raised families and buried their fallen.
Some grew into great Cities like Phoenix.
This site helps to keep alive the camps, towns & cities, that are now mostly decayed & forgotten...
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A trip to Russian Island with,
 Dustin Porter
The true story of John Jewitt, the white slave of the Nootka
"Read his book from 1815 online"
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The story of DOG TOWN B.C.
Ghosttowner finds Treasure in cash!
1885 Granite City, Treasure Cabin.
only a 3 hr drive from Vancouver.
The Great Klondike & Atlin Goldrush,
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1800's Technology again today, click here
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1909 Race at Stanley Park's Brockton Oval
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Ghost Town Tashme
The saddest of long gone B.C. towns...
In 1879 a wild gang of horse stealing desperado's advanced to Murder.
These reprobates could ride like the wind and were dead shots.
One of the biggest man hunts in B.C. came to be.
This is The Story of The Wild McLean Gang and the Prices Paid!
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Haida Gwaii
formerly "Queen Charlotte Islands"
A UNESCO World Heritage  Ghost Town.
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Historic People, Places & Things of B.C.
growing list of bc Ghost Towns
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Silver, Lead and Hell
are raised in the Slocan
and  if you donít  have a hand in producing these articles, 
your services are not required.
Colonel Robert Thornton Lowery,  
Paystreak Sandon B.C.  1896
Jessie James & Cole Younger 
Gangs Member Found In 
British Columbia!
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With the help of other history Buffs,
Cariboo Miner, Harry Jones has a new headstone!
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Just take the B Highways and back roads.
You never know what interesting things to see & photograph.
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John & BcGhostTowns would like to thank just a few knowledgeable
folks, who bring us our history,  in living form...
Visit Historic Yale. 
Our History made fun for the family...
Two Towns, 
Two Different Monuments,

same Man!

How Special Could he be?
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BC's Historic People, Places & Things...
B.C's Ghost Town List,  click here...
Our Featured Gold Trails Video.
Rock Creek is about a 30 minute drive East of Osoyoos.
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The Drowned Town of ARROWHEAD B.C.
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Phoenix B.C.
Her Hockey Team once challenged for the Stanley Cup!
A city GONE...
Clo-oose  B.C.
Population  0

From a small first Nations Settlement 
on South Western Vancouver Island.
Sealing & then Whaling, but She really Boomed 
with Rum Running in the 1920's.
A lady ran a store there and made
enough money to buy a Vancouver Hotel...
"A great Vancouver's Island Hike & Camp"
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The nucleus of the Ghost Town of Harrison Mills.
Kilby's Hotel & General Store.
This Ghost Town is just 1.5 hours from Vancouver.
Make it a Ghost Town Day Trip to remember!
The Chilcotin War! 
It's been 148 years.
We now hear their side of the story,
for the first time ever!
Leechtown on Vancouver's Island
Ghost Town & a Lost Boot of Nuggets, 1864
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PlaneRay for sharing 
an other Barlee Video.

Mission Creek, Kelowna BC.
Great News for E-Readers !
Tom Paterson 
re-releasing his earlier publications.
& A great website...
39smallbbb 3 Collecting British Columbia,

Items in Mining, Advertising, Transportation,
Hotel-ware, Steam era,
Picture Post Cards, BC Police
and any old thing with B.C. on it...
Did you Know?
That Just South of Fort Langley...
The Grand Trunk Pacific's railway construction camps in BC were at the end of steel and designated by the mile they were situated from the Alberta boarder. She boosted all night high stakes poker games and saloons with standing room only 5 deep and a well patronized Red Light district!
This very wild little town was not unlike the TV show "Hell on Wheels" only much more populated
Today nothing remains of 52 Mile...
A GOLD Rush Ghost Story of Buried Treasure!
The Ghost Ladies of our Rivers & Lakes
Ghost Force "BCPP" the British Columbia Provincial Police Story
We lost another Piece of our Past...
Photobucket The Natives called it Spokeshute
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A Forgotten B.C.
Graveyard of Unholy Souls

British Columbia's 
Ghost Towns
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A Real Gold Rush Treasure Story.
Pictures of our recent
B.C. Historic losses...
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The Cariboo Gold Rush & the story of Barkerville...
Hands on History!
Port Essington BC
Historic BC, Did You Knows?
Check back often for new did you knows?
Simon Fraser, Alexander Mackenzie and David Thompson
did not work for the Hudson's Bay Company, so who did they work for?

Governor James Douglas offered full British Colonial Citizenship to any Negro in California.
Many came & had good free lives here in the two Colony's of Vancouver's Island and British Columbia.

BC came very close to War with the United States over the killing of a pig. True or False?
Ghost Town Locations...
"A Murder on the Okanogan" CodyPhotobucket
188 Mile Road House and post office on the Cariboo
Wagon Road, yep it's seen better days...
Historic People,
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The Gold Rushes opened up new areas
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Camp Defiance.
Manning Park.
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Exciting Travel like winching your way thru Kitselas canyon on the Inlander. Scarey going up river. Overwhelming coming down. Travel by daylight only. Travel like this on the Skeena was lost to us in 1912...
Anyox BC Then...
and Now
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"Gold Trails & Ghost Towns" 
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